Zhenya Gershman Biography

ZHENYA GERSHMAN is an internationally renowned ARTIST. She was born in Moscow, Russia and held her 1st solo exhibition in St. Petersburg at age 14. She was selected as a subject of the TV Documentary Film “Our Generation”, a project dedicated to searching for the five most talented teenagers in Russia, showing hope for the cultural future of the country. The youngest student to be admitted to Otis Art Institute, Zhenya graduated with Honors and later received her Masters of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design. Today, Zhenya’s work is featured in such preeminent private and public collections as Donald Simon, Richard Weisman, and Woody Allen. Zhenya participates in important international exhibitions including Art Aspen, Art Miami, and Art Chicago. She was selected to create iconic portraits of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan for the MusiCares GRAMMY Foundation. Zhenya is a recipient of numerous awards including the ALEX Award in Visual Arts, presented nationally to honored scholars and artists. Her recent exhibition Larger Than Life was broadcast by Entertainment Tonight, Extra Television, and The New York Post. A documentary film highlighting Zhenya’s career was released in the summer of 2011 by ICN Television Network.

ZHENYA GERSHMAN is also an ART HISTORIAN and EDUCATOR. She worked for over a decade in The J. Paul Getty Museum, bringing her passion and unique understanding of art to thousands of people. Her work is dedicated to uncovering new perspectives regarding the life and work of Rembrandt, and she has contributed to such exhibitions as Rembrandt’s Late Religious Portraits and Rembrandt: Telling the Difference. Zhenya has offered numerous workshops on Rembrandt’s painting, drawing, and printmaking techniques at various cultural institutions including the Hammer Museum. Zhenya’s first-hand knowledge of traditional oil painting techniques has led her to a Rembrandt discovery. Her groundbreaking finding of a hidden Rembrandt self portrait was published by Arion, Boston University and was brought to European audiences by Le Monde, one of the most important international magazines. Zhenya’s latest article Rembrandt: Turn of the Key, published by Arion and featured by Huffington Post, revealed the evidence for Rembrandt’s involvement with the early Freemason fraternity, bringing new light to understanding this great master. She is a Co-Founder of Project Awe, dedicated to the study of Aesthetics of Western Esotericism offering a variety of unique programming to the community. Zhenya is currently working on a Rembrandt book and painting in her studio in Los Angeles.

A Documentary Film on Zhenya’s Career

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Curriculum vitae

1998-2001 | Art Center College of Design, MFA
1993-1996 |Otis Art Institute, BFA with Honors

2017 | Dortort Center for the Arts: Hillel at UCLA, Days of Awe, L.A., CA.
2017 | LA Art Show: Project AWE, Paintings, L.A., CA.
2016 | California Lutheran University: Kwan Fong Gallery of Art & Culture, Pretty People, Thousand Oaks, CA.
2016 | LA Art Show: Building Bridges International Art Exchange, Paintings, L.A., CA.
2015 | Lily Tomlin & Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center, The Model’s Artist, Los Angeles LGBT, CA.
2015 | Building Bridges International Art Exchange, Larger Than Life, Bergamot Station, L.A., CA.
2013 | Hinge Modern, Marks, L.A., CA.
2013 | Anti-Defamation League, ArtWorks ADL: Justice, Advocacy & Art, Centennial Celebration, L.A., CA
2013 | MusiCares Foundation, Annual Grammy Gala Exhibition, L.A., CA
2013 | Leslie Sacks Fine Art, Women’s Art Now, L.A., CA
2012 | International Art Fairs / Timothy Yarger Fine Art: Art Aspen, LA Art Show, Art Platform Los Angeles, San Francisco Art Market
2011 | International Art Fairs / Timothy Yarger Fine Art: Art Aspen, Art Chicago, Art Miami, LA Art Show, San Francisco Art Market
2010 | Harris & Ruble Gallery, XII Apostles, L.A, CA.
2007 | Jan Baum Gallery; Pacific Design Center; Bonhams and Butterfields, L.A., CA.
2006 | Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, Otis Art Institute Survey: Nine Decades, L.A., CA.
2004 | Jan Baum Gallery; L.A. Artcore Gallery, L.A., CA.
2003 | Brand Library; Patricia Correia Gallery, Bergamot Station, L.A., CA.
2002 | The J. Paul Getty Museum, Getty Underground, L.A., CA.
2001 | Brewery Projects, L.A., CA.
1999 | Los Angeles County Museum of Art, ARSG, L.A., CA.
1996 | Richard Heller Gallery, Reflections, L.A., CA.
1993 | Beliaevo Gallery, Moscow-L.A., Moscow, Russia.
1989 |Conservatory, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

2017 | Inquiry Fellowship, Institute for Jewish Creativity, American Jewish University
2000 | ALEX Award in Visual Arts, National Alliance for Excellence, Honored Scholars & Artists Program
2000 | Beverly G. Alpay Memorial Award
1999 | Mabel Wilson Richards Award
1999 | Leslie T. and Francis U. Posey Fellowship
1996 |Otis Critics Award

2017 | Lecturer, Dürer’s Enigma: Deviate and Divine, ESSWE, Erfurt University, Germany
2017 | Panelist, Art and Ethics, Alliance Française de Los Angeles, Louis Stern Gallery, Los Angeles
2015 | Lecturer, Rembrandt’s Secret, Bibliothèque nationale de France, Paris, France
2014-present | Co-founder & President, project AWE (Aesthetics of Western Esotericism), non-profit Art Foundation
2013-present | Lecturer, California Lutheran University, Rembrandt workshop
2013 | Writer and Contributor for art history Videos
2012-present | Associate Faculty, Global Cinematography Institute
2012-present | Independent Scholar/Lecturer, Inside The Story: Courses in Art and Culture
2012 | Lecturer, 16th Biennial International Conference on Netherlandic Studies, Calvin College
2012 | Lecturer, The World of Rembrandt, Gallery Michael Beverly Hills
2012 | Panel Discussion, Four-dimensional Portrait for the 21st Century, Figurative Conference, California Lutheran University
2011 | Lecturer, De Young, F.A. Museums of San Francisco, What to Do or Not to Do–That is the Question: Interactive Teaching in a Museum
2010-2011 | Editor/Writer, artSMart, Luxeco Living
2006–2012 | Project Specialist for Adult Gallery and Studio Programs, The J. Paul Getty Museum
2006 | Producer/Director, Bonus Time, UCLA, Schoenberg Hall
2002-2006 | Lecturer, Art Talk, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Herculaneum
2001-2006 | Museum Educator, The J. Paul Getty Museum
2001 | Curator, Art of Memory, UCLA, Royce Hall

2015 | Arte al Límite, A Palette as Deep as Memory , Francesco Scagliola, May issue #72
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2015 | New York Post, Joe Manganiello Admires a Painting of Himself , Feb. 13th
2015 | Monsters & Critics, Joe Manganiello, Micky Dolenz, More Attend Larger Than Life Art Opening, April Neale, Feb. 17th
2014 | Monsters & Critics, From Russia, Larger Than Life: Zhenya Gershman, April Neale, July 28th
2013 | Jewish Journal, Art Without Hate, Evan Henerson, September 6th
2013 | Huffington Post, In the Beginning: This Artweek.LA, Bill Bush, June 26th
2013 | Culver City News, New Culver City art gallery kicks off with ‘Marks’, Lori Fusaro, June 13th
2013 | Huffington Post, Zhenya Gershman’s ‘Marks’ Sheds Angelic Light for Praise, Nancy Chuda, May 29th
2013 | Huffington Post, Embossing the Boss: Artist Zhenya Gershman Celebrates Rock Icon Bruce Springsteen, Nancy Chuda, February 4th
2013 | Campus Circle, Zhenya Gershman to Reveal Springsteen Portrait at MusiCares 2013, Libby Lancaster, February 1st
2013 | Westside Today, Artist Zhenya Gershman’s Work on View Now at Leslie Sacks Fine Art Brentwood, Leslie Reed, February 2nd
2013 | Hollywood Today, Grammys 2013: Artist Zhenya Gershman Has Been Selected to Paint Bruce Springsteen the MusiCares Person of the Year, Libby Lancaster, February 4th
2013 | Oye! Times, Zhenya Gershman Set to Be Featured Artist at Grammy’s MusiCares Gala, Leslie Reed, February 2nd
2013 | Huffington Post, Born in the USSR: How Artist Zhenya Gershman Got to Paint Bruce Springsteen, Nancy Chuda, February 9th
2013 | Examiner, Art Invades Music Biggest Day, Kathy Leonardo, February 6th
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2012 | From Russia with Grotesquerie, Interview, Zocalo Public Square, Sarah Rothbard, August 15th
2012 | Le Monde, Paris, L’invisible Rembrandt, Saturday February 4 issue, Culture and Ideas p.3
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2010 | Huffington Post, Haiku Reviews, Peter Frank
2010 | Luxeco Living, The XII Apostles, Bethany Colson
2008 | Spraygraphic, Interview with the Artist
2004 | Video Green, Chris Kraus, The MIT Press, pp.111-112
2003 | LA Weekly, Best of 2003 edition, Pick of the Week, vol.25, no.48
2002 | From Picasso to Pop, The Richard Weisman Collection, p.9
2000 | Torpor, Art and Text, issue no. 70, Chris Kraus

2014 | Dürer’s Enigma: A Kabbalistic Revelation in Melencolia §I, in press
2016 | Rembrandt’s Secret, Getting the Third Degree Fraternalism, Freemasonry and History, ed. Guillermo de los Reyes & Paul Rich, Washington, Westphalia Press, pp. 77-96
2014 | Huffington Post, Can Art Bring Our Memories Alive?, Feb. 9th
2014 | Huffington Post, Can a Portrait Look Back?, Sep. 28th
2014 | Huffington Post, 7 Keys to Rembrandt’s Secret, May 19th
2014 | Huffington Post, Zhenya Gershman Asks: What if Art Brings Our Ancestors to Life, June 24th
2013 | Arion, Rembrandt: Turn of The Key, Fall Issue
2011 | Arion, Boston University, Rembrandt The “I” Witness, Fall Issue, pp. 65-91
2007 | The Art of Gallery Teaching: From Periphery to Center: Art Museum Education in the 21st Century, Reston, National Art Education Association, p.191

2016 | Artist Profile Interview, Joan Quinn, Beverly Hills TV, Dec.
2015 | EXTRA, Friday, Feb. 13th
2015 | Entertainment Tonight, Friday, Feb. 13th
2015 | JLTV, Main Street ,Interview with Phil Blazer, Sunday, Feb. 15th
2015 | Documentary, Model’s Artist,directed by Jake Gorst, Mainspring Pictures
2013 | Dancing Dragon Films, Artist Muse, TV Documentary Series
2013 | KIIS FM, Community Council, Interview, February 4th
2011 | International Chinese Network, Art Movement LA, Profile Documentary
2007 | New Morning Television, Getty Pilgrimage
2007 | KCOP, Channel 13 News, Get Art Interview
1990 | St. Petersburg TV, Generation

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